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We value our patients' experience at Lipkin Chiropractic Clinic of Palm Harbor. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to share your experience with others who, just like you, are making a decision of where to go for their chiropractic care.


I highly recommend Dr. Lipkin for your chiropractic needs. His initial evaluation of my physical issues was thorough and included some diagnostic techniques that were new to me from a chiropractor. He explained how they related to my symptoms and I came away feeling confident that we were going to address the problems properly. He suggested a sensible treatment plan and after several visits I have noticed progress. Also, Dr. Lipkin has a fun and engaging personality that makes each appointment a pleasure. I recommend him completely.
Jim F. – Sep 05, 2019

I recently moved down from another state and needed to find a new chiropractor for my herniated discs. I hadn't been to see anyone in a while and the pain was starting to become severe. I can't say enough about how grateful I am to Dr. Lipkin. He was very thorough and understanding, and treated me with compassion every time I visited his office. Since beginning treatment, my back pain has almost completely gone away and my quality of life has improved. I am able to do things that I was in too much pain to do before, and I've even lost weight because I'm able to be more active and work out again. Dr. Lipkin's treatment and therapy routine have been wonderful for me and I highly recommend him for your chiropractic needs. Thank you, Dr. Lipkin and staff!    Brock B. – Jul 31, 2019

I have been seeing Dr. Lipkin for about a year now and I am very satisfied with his service. He is easy to talk to and gives simple, straight forward advice.  Bob in Palm Harbor, FL – Sep 25, 2018

After years of back pain and discomfort, I finally decided to see a chiropractor recommended by my primary physician. After a comprehensive interview and preliminary treatment, I noticed almost immediate relief. In subsequent appointments, Dr. Lipkin reviewed my X-rays and pointed out exactly the cause of my issues focusing his treatment accordingly. I would highly recommend Dr. Lipkin for chiropractic treatment.        PeterT in Safety Harbor, FL – Apr 26, 2018

Great chiropractic care with Dr. Lipkin. If you have bulging discs, this is the place for you. No waiting. Appointments are as scheduled.              Mar 30, 2019

I am so glad I found Dr. Lipkin! The initial consultation and exam was very thorough and just after 2 treatments has alleviated my back pain.    Dr. Lipkin is aware of my budget limits and I am confident I will be feeling my best in no time. Dr. Lipkin is now my chiropractor!                              

Dr. Lipkin not only worked hard to help my back heal more quickly, he also helped guide me through the process of getting a CT scan which was needed. I felt I was in good hands with Dr. Lipkin. He is kind and knowledgeable in his field of expertise. I feel very fortunate to have found him as my chiropractor.

I've only been working with Dr. Lipkin for a few weeks and I will say that he is by far the best chiropractor I have ever come across! He really cares about his patients and will go out of his way to help improve their health. I was on the verge of getting surgery and I'm glad I didn't as I have seen a drastic change with the pain of my herniated disc subsiding drastically by following Dr. Lipkin's recommendations and treatment. My back has not felt this good for well over a year. It's very rare to come across a chiropractor who truly cares about the patient's well-being. If you have any doubts, come visit Dr. Lipkin you won't be disappointed! -Jennifer in Palm Harbor, FL | Jun 13, 2017

Dr Lipkin is the best chiropractor I have ever met. I was in so much agony and pain on my initial visit that simple tasks like driving or getting in and out of bed was unbearable. I immediately felt relief after my first adjustment and the pain was eliminated over a period of time. What I appreciate more in a professional is his honesty, ability to communicate to me the problem and course of action and his recommendations moving forward for a plan of action. Definitely recommend to everyone. -Dena Kelley in Clearwater, FL | Oct 01, 2016

I went to see Dr. Lipkin when I was in extreme pain with what turned out to be a disc extrusion. Within a few weeks I felt some improvement and in a few months, I was able to return to normal activities. Recently I got an MRI for another reason and the doctor reading the MRI thought I had gotten surgery. This because he noticed that the disc extrusion was completely gone! I am very thankful to Dr. Lipkin and his staff for all of their help. -Raul in Palm Harbor, FL | Jul 03, 2016  VIDEO TESTIMONIAL

Decided to try a Chiropractor for my neck and arm pain after steroid injections, muscle relaxants, pain meds, deep tissue massage and acupuncture (brachial plexus compression and cervical herniations). I'm impressed as he and his ofc staff, Stephanie, adjusted their day to get me right in. Dr. Lipkin took a thorough health history. 1st visit was an hr and included a physical assessment, adjustments, stretches, ultrasound and heat therapy. Confident he will get me back to living pain free. -Angela in Dunedin, FL | Aug 17, 2016

Very caring and skilled. He has brought me out of helplessness and I look forward to a full recovery. No wait and convenient location too. Explains everything and takes as much time with you as you need. Great experience!  -Lawrence in Palm Harbor, FL | Sep 09, 2016

Dr. Mark Lipkin is a very caring and kind professional. I have had lower back pain and pain down my right leg for over a year. He took a complete medical history on my first visit, and connected a fall that I had taken and forgotten about with my current condition. After just three visits of adjustments and heat therapy, I am already feeling relief. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Lipkin and his assistant Stephanie to anyone in the Palm Harbor area seeking chiropractic care. -Marilyn in Oldsmar, FL | Aug 03, 2016

Dr. Lipkin is a kind, caring Doctor who took time to understand my lower back problems and how to help ease my chronic pain. I have only had a few adjustments, but, am already feeling some relief. I am very confident in his expertise and looking forward to feeling better with his help. -Sharon w in Palm Harbor, FL | Aug 04, 2016

The chiropractor that I regularly see was out of the office.  It was 9 am, so I drove from his office down Tampa Road looking for other chiropractors.  That's how desperate I was to receive help.  The first office couldn't see me until late afternoon.  They suggested the next office and it was Dr. Lipkin.  I am so thankful that Dr. Lipkin takes walk-in patients and is so open and friendly.

The next thing I am thankful about it that he is a great chiropractor.  I have moved literally from coast to coast and have been treated by many chiropractors.  I firmly believe in the whole body healing of chiropractic.  Dr. Lipkin is one of the best I have been to for help.

Chiropractors have different techniques in adjusting.  Dr. Lipkin is very skilled in adjusting with just the right amount of pressure.  He listens to you and explains what he will be doing.  After the treatment, I went home, rested and used ice packs on my low back.  When I woke up over 2 hours later, my low back was remarkably better.  In fact, it felt better than it had in years!

"Dr. Lipkin was recommended to me by someone else. I went to see him with extreme lower back pain. With a series of treatments and maintenance, I suffer very little now. Last week I had bad shoulder pain and immediately went to see him and the shoulder pain lessened that same day. Dr. Lipkin is very caring and knows what he's doing. There is very little waiting time and the staff is great. I highly recommend Dr. Lipkin and would never go anywhere else!!"  Peggy V. - Palm Harbor, FL

"Dr. Mark Lipkin has been my Chiropractor for several years. He is professional, dedicated, caring and thorough. Thanks to Dr. Lipkin I've been able to avoid back surgery.
With his proper manipulation and acupuncture, I have been pain free for quite sometime now. I periodically have Dr. Lipkin adjust my back to keep it healthy and aligned.
I would highly recommend Dr. Lipkin, if you are in need of an excellent Chiropractor."
Suzie E. - Palm Harbor, FL


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